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These models are available in a variety of sizes ranging from compact domestic printers to larger ones for frequent and regular use. 123.hp.com/deskjet have the ability to print almost three pages in a minute. Although 123.hp.com/deskjet printers are HP’s version of regular inkjet printers, they are quite different in terms of their print heads. The print heads used in 123.hp.com/deskjet printers are disposable and inexpensive. They built into the cartridge and deliver a much higher print quality as compared to inkjet printers because the head and the ink replaced frequently in the latter.

Quality of ink used
“Jets” – components similar to small nozzles used to deploy ink in inkjet printers. The printer works by spraying ionized ink on paper. The ink is directed through magnetized plates that placed under the paper, creating printed images or text.

Inkjet printers are cheaper than 123.hp.com/deskjet. However, the quality of ink used in inkjet printers is not as good in comparison with that used by 123.hp.com/deskjet. The fonts visible on paper will have smoother edges when printed through a 123.hp.com/deskjetprinter. Although inkjet printers are cheaper than Deskjets, the ink used in the former is more expensive than that used in the latter. The cartridges will have to replaced frequently when you print several papers or pictures. The cartridges in 123.hp.com/deskjet can used for a long time.